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Anyone know how to get ahold of Ryan S. Dancey? That site of his hasn't looked to have changed much since 2002! I found a list serve…? archive referencing his departure from WotC imploy - but he stated he remained the chair of the Open Gaming Foundation. I need to get ahold of him and I have allot on my plate. Also - if Wikidot admins are reading this - please contact me regarding the options regarding private wiki. The basic option of 8 private members wasn't enough - but I would be amenable to members only for various reasons.

The biggest question at this point would be the question of PI vs OGC. I, Shea, intend to retain the utmost respect for the valid differences, recognizing that naming conventions are a particularly touchy issue, I would like to call to the stand One Mindflayer, or may I call you The Illithid‽

Reference, The Monopoly Theory

Draft Mission

It is the intent, goal, and purpose of CompleteSRD to further, develop, and analyze Open Game License (OGL) systems. The academic and analytic inspection of the rules presented via the OGL is of such diversity, complexity, and human utility that it the subject is deemed worthy by the members of this collaboration for the utmost of scientific and philosophic inquiry. CompleteSRD is founded under the ideals of civil liberty and progressive humanism. It is the hopes of the founder of CompleteSRD that this collaboration will develop into an fully fledged and inbuilding institution of learning.

There is no more graceful combination of prestidigitation and mathmatology than OGL.

April 10th 2010

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