Complete Draconomicon

The working submission is here Draconomicon

The Draconomicon has been chosen as the initial Complete SRD project. While the legal statement printed in the book states that the book contains no Open Game Content - it is my assertion that this statement is legally invalid. Beyond simply feats and generic rules derivative of the basic OGL there is the major issue of the dragons themselves. The chromatic/metalic dragons are included in the Revised 3rd Edition SRD and are therefor contributed in total to the OGL. The Draconomicon as a work itself is nothing more than extrapolation of overtly copy lefted material. The argument could be made that anyone reviewing the Revised 3rd Edition OGL would naturally come up with the idea of metabreath feats and the like with or without the Draconomicon. It could also be argued that the statement "contains no open game content" is invalidated purely by the inclusion of material derivative of OGL concepts at all. However, the OGL does directly protect "Product Identity" (an arguable facet of material related to Chromatic/Metalic dragons) and as such the bulk of the Draconomicon will not be reproduced here.

Complete SRD has no intention of even coming close to violating Product Identity even in the most debatable circumstances. Complete SRD is dedicated to the rules of the OGL, and only the text necessary to present those rules will be presented here.

Development Note: In the transcription of the OGL material in the Draconomicon the issue of naming and specific items as Product Identity has become relevant. A proper method for handling this issue is still being formulated, however the recognition of "names" as being primarily elements of Product Identity and not Open Game Content will be honored.

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