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Complete SRDs for Settings and Adventures.

The intent of this section is to compile SRDs that are more complete than the Revised 3.5 and Modern SRDs. These SRDs are intended to be internally compatible and have been reviewed for broken, redundant, irregular, irrational, or just plain silly content. The CompleteSRD administrators will maintain the utmost of regard for possible Product Identity issues. Preferably all SRDs included here will be accompanied with links to both primary and third party references to the creators of the OGC.

Ideally inclusion in this section of the CompleteSRD site will serve as stout recommendation and positive adevertising for the publishers whose contributions to the OGL have been recognized.

All legal statements and possible information will be maintained on the legal page for all included materials. Please have fun out there and Roll 20s!

Complete System Reference Documents

Action! SRD
Revised (v.3.5) System Reference Document
d20 Modern System Reference Document

Dark Shire Dev

Intro Links


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