DSD wizard Sorcerer

THe wizard socerer dicotomy is an interesting point of game development. Presumably the creation of the Sorcerer was in someway related to how wizards were often played in the second era of the D&D concept. Wizards were required to prepare their spells ahead of time, but often players were not. Spell preperation as a rule can be annoying to a player. Particularly a player that is not as familiar with the rules as they could be. It seems that to a certain extent the Sorcerer did not have the desired impact and one could argue that the Warlock class is an attempt to create a more combat worthy version of the Sorcerer. A well prepared wizard is a force to be reckoned with in any environment, but the Sorcerer is restricted to a limited number of options. This list of specials is intended to be added to the Sorcerer list of abilities from the Revised Third Edition and removes the need for Wizard and Sorcerer to be seperate classes.

1st Level - Familiar
3rd Level - Spellbook
5th Level - Prepare Meta Magic
8th Level - Cantrip Mastery
10th Level - Bonus Meta Magic Feat
12th Level - Attack Spell
14th Level - Improved Familiar
15th Level - Bonus Meta Magic Feat
19th Level - Multi Attack Spell
20th Level - Spell Mastery

Spellbook (Ex): At 3rd level the Sorcerer is able to create and read spellbooks. With another Sorcerer's spellbook the Sorcerer may attempt to make a spellcraft check to change one theie spells known until the next time they refreshe spells. This spellcraft check is made during the 8 hour period the Sorcerer uses to refresh their spells per day. The DC of the Spellcraft check is equal to 10 plus the level of the spell being temporarily replaced. Failure means that the that the original spell known remains in place and is not available to be prepared over until the next refresh period.

Prepare Meta Magic (Su): At 5th level a Sorcerer can prepare one or more of their spells per day while refreshing their spells. This allows the Sorcerer to apply the benifits of a meta magic feat. A Sorcerer may choose to spontaniously cast any of their known spells of the correct level or lower in place of the prepared spell, but doing so means that the prepared meta maguc version of the spell is no longer available.

Cantrip Mastery (Su): At 8th level the Sorcerer may cast 0 Level spells infinately.

Attack Spell (Sp): After 12th level the Sorcerer may select one of their 4th level or lower spells and designate that spell as an Attack Spell. An Attack Spell can be cast once per round as a Standard Action. Casting an Attack Spell does not effect the Sorcerer's spells per day. At 19th level this ability improves to allow the Sorcerer to select a number of spells equal to the Sorcerer's Charisma Bonus.

Spell Mastery (Su): At 20th level a Sorcerer can choose to replace their spells known with any spells they have access to without making a spellcraft check during their refresh time. The Sorcerer's original spells known list are teh spells that the Sorcerer can put into thier spellbook, and the Sorcerer still needs access to another source to transcribe spells not on their spells known list. Spell Mastery simply allows the Sorcer to the chance of failure when replacing spells known from another source.

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