SotC 10 Quick Pick Stunt Packages

Spirit of the Century
1. The Basics
2. Character Creation
3. Aspects
4. How to Do Things
5. Skills
6. Stunts
7. Gadgets and Gizmos
8. Running the Game
9. Tips and Tricks
10. Quick Pick Stunt Packages
11. Character Worksheet
12. Character Sheet

10 Quick Pick Stunt Packages
If you’re well and truly playing SotC as a pick-up game, probably one of the biggest problems you run the risk of smacking into is the difficulty of picking stunts on the fly.

In general, we’ve tried to present the stunts in a way that makes it easy to look for your concept first, at a high level, with the categories under each skill that we’ve divided the stunts into.

But even this isn’t really a recommendation from us on what to take, just a selection aid, so we’d like to go one step further here and offer you sets of recommended stunt picks, in blocks of two, three, four, and five, to make it easier to quickly nail down a set of stunts that fit a particular concept.

Stunts work best when they’re married to the skills you’ve decided to put at or close to your apex, so these packages are organized, as with several things in this book, in terms of skills.

10.1 Academics
10.1.1 Rosetta Stone
Able to decipher strange languages, to speak to the locals anywhere, and to recall minute facts at a moment’s notice, the Rosetta Stone is a font of knowledge, offering invaluable insights into the mundane and, occasionally, mysterious world.

Core Stunts (3):
Linguist (page XX), Gift of Tongues (page XX), Walking Library (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Photographic Memory (page XX) and Studied Recall (page XX); or Scholar (page XX) and Dizzying Intellect (page XX).
10.1.2 Smug Scholar
While you may be a bit of a know-it-all, there’s a damn fine chance you do know it all – or, at least enough to convince people of the fact.

Core Stunts (3):
Scholar (page XX), Dizzying Intellect (page XX), It’s Academic (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Walking Library (page XX) and either Photographic Memory (page XX) or Linguist (page XX). Also consider use of Science or Mysteries stunts focused on knowledge.
10.2 Alertness
10.2.1 First in Action
Whenever a fight or physical contest comes up, you act earliest, taking on the opposition before they even know you’re coming.

Core Stunts (2):
On Top Of It (page XX), Ready for Anything (page 120)
Other Stunts:
Cut Off (page XX), Run Interference (page XX). Combine with Athletics to boost physical speed and performance, or combat skill stunts for hit-first, hit-hard potency. Look into the Never Surprised package (below) for a double-shot of preemptive Alertness power.
10.2.2 Never Surprised
The bad guys never take you by surprise, no matter the ambush. Someone’s got a sniper trained on you? Even money says you take him out before his trigger finger twitches.

Core Stunts (2):
Danger Sense (page XX), Saw It Coming (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Constant Vigilance (page XX), first and foremost (it’s nearly, but not necessarily, a core stunt). Combine with the core of First in Action (above) to ensure that not only you aren’t surprised, but you can take action in response to it first, or some Guns stunts to make sure you’re able to address an untimely ambush at range. Consider Take It All In (page 122) to let Alertness double for Investigation.
10.3 Art
10.3.1 Artiste
You are less about creating a persona and reputation than you are about producing the maximum emotional impact with your creations. Bravo, bravissimo!

Core Stunts (3):
Virtuoso (page XX), Moving Performance (page XX), Stage Presence (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Add The Artist’s Eye (page XX) to turn your unique perspective on the world into a decisive, perceptive advantage. Look into Commissions (page XX) unless you’re wanting to suffer for your art.
10.3.2 Avant Garde
You are plugged into the avant garde as a member of the artistic community. Your work breaks new ground, and your name’s on everyone’s lips.

Core Stunts (3):
Virtuoso (page XX), Do You Know Who I Am? (page 125), Weight of Reputation (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Add Razor Tongue (page XX) and Poison Words (page 124) to render yourself a capable satirist – excellent for dealing with your social rivals. Consider Commissions (page XX) to combine talent with financial success. If your art focuses on acting, most certainly consider All the World’s a Stage (page XX).
10.4 Athletics
10.4.1 Fastest Man/Woman Alive
The only chance people get to look at you is when you stand still. Once in motion, you’re nothing but a blur.

Core Stunts (3):
Marathon Training (page XX), Fast as a Leopard (page 127), Faster than a Leopard (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Combine with Alertness’s First in Action (above). Consider Slippery (page XX).
10.4.2 Man or Beast?
You just don’t move like normal people do – climbing walls, leaping great distances, and squeezing into strange spaces.

Core Stunts (2):
Human Spider (page XX), Mighty Leap (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Contortionist (page XX), Slippery (page XX), Equestrian (page XX), or simply combine with the core of another Athletics or Survival package.
10.4.3 Up in the Air with the Greatest of Ease
Acrobatic feats are second nature to you, enabling you to work at heights that would leave most people tumbling from sheer vertigo.

Core Stunts (2):
Acrobat (page XX) and Safe Fall (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Contortionist (page XX), Human Spider (page XX), Mighty Leap (page XX).
10.5 Burglary
10.5.1 Caper Commander
If it has a clever, elaborate plan, or an angle to work, you’re probably the guy who came up with the plan of approach.

Core Stunts (3):
Mental Blueprint (page XX), Tripwire Sensibilities (page XX), The Big Heist (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Trespass Tempo (page XX) keeps things going according to plan. Also look into Contacting (to build your team and get an inside man) and Deceit (for the big con) stunts to flesh out your repertoire.
10.5.2 Second Story Man/Woman
If it’s locked up, it might as well not be. You already know the way in.

Core Stunts (3):
Hatpin Maestro (page XX), Tripwire Sensibilities (page 128), Trespass Tempo (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Athletics’ Human Spider (page XX) gets you where you shouldn’t be; Mental Blueprint (page XX) and The Big Heist (page XX) keep you prepared; Stealth stunts keep you hidden and silent while on the job.
10.6 Contacting
10.6.1 A Little Help from My Friends
You’ve got a solid network of close friends who help you out in a pinch. You’re always able to bring in someone who’s right for the job.

Core Stunts (3):
I Know a Guy Who Knows a Guy (page XX), Network of Contacts (page XX) taken twice.
Other Stunts:
For a constant companion or two, take Contact (page XX) and Close Contacts (page XX).
10.6.2 Been There
Whether it’s around the world or in the halls of power, you’ve been there, and probably know a few folks in the area who can help.

Core Stunts (2)
:Walk the Walk (page XX), Insider (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Consider the Academics’ Linguist (page XX) and Gift of Tongues (page XX) to make sure you speak the language everywhere you’ve been, too.
10.6.3 Mister/Miss Big
You know people because people know you. You’re big in certain circles, and spoken of outside of them. Whenever you show up somewhere, people shut up and listen.

Core Stunts (3):
Big Man (page XX), Big Name (page XX), Big Reputation (page XX).
Other Stunts:
You may want to Talk the Talk (page XX), or draw on A Little Help From My Friends (see above).
10.7 Deceit
10.7.1 Man/Woman of a Thousand Faces
You’re never what – or who! – you appear to be, drifting in and out of disguises and personalities as easily as changing your clothes.

Core Stunts (3):
Clever Disguise (page XX), Mimicry (page XX), Master of Disguise (page XX).
Other Stunts:
For the full package, add Infiltrator (page XX) and Disguise of the Mind (page XX).
10.7.2 Slippery Character
No one can trust your words – not that they can spot the lie in them. But it’s good that you’re on their side, right?

Core Stunts (3):
Con Man (page XX), The Fix Is In (page XX), The Honest Lie (page XX)
Other Stunts:
Takes One to Know One (page XX), Clever Façade (page XX), Sucker (page XX), Big Sucker (page XX).
10.8 Drive
10.8.1 Genius Mechanic
You drive them, but you also build (and modify, and tweak, and care for) them. You’re a top notch mechanic in the garage, and you drive one of the best rides on the road.

Core Stunts (3):
Car Mechanic (page XX), Custom Ride (page XX), Prototype Car (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Any other driving stunts (see Wizard behind the Wheel, below) mesh well.
10.8.2 Wizard behind the Wheel
When you drive a car, it doesn’t just move; it dances. You make impossible turns, and race with the fastest.

Core Stunts (3):
Defensive Driving (page XX), One Hand on the Wheel (page XX), Turn on a Dime (page XX).
Other Stunts:
For a bit of environmental mayhem, Unsafe at Any Speed (page XX); giving yourself a Custom Ride (page XX) or upgrading to a Prototype Car (page XX) certainly fits the bill as well.
10.9 Empathy
10.9.1 Interrogator
You get information out of people – the soft way. Rather than scare the crap out of them (though that’s in your toolbox), you get inside their heads and figure out what makes them tick.

Core Stunts (3):
Cold Read (page XX), Heart’s Secret (page XX), A Peek Inside (page XX).
Other Stunts:
The Skeptic’s Ear (page XX), Track the Soul (page XX), Hit Them Where It Hurts (page XX). You’ll need one Investigation stunt (like Quick Eye, page XX) if you want to take Uncanny Hunch (page XX). Intimidation stunts should suit you as well.
10.9.2 Perceptive Conversationalist
Social situations play out on a tempo you can feel – and, by watching carefully, adjust to your liking.

Core Stunts (2):
Ebb and Flow (page XX), Preemptive Grace (page 141).
Other Stunts:
The Skeptic’s Ear (page XX), Cold Read (page XX), Heart’s Secret (page XX), Hit Them Where It Hurts (page XX). Rapport stunts may suit you as well.
10.10 Endurance
10.10.1 Can’t Be Killed
You can take all sorts of physical abuse and bounce back in short order. Wounds never trouble you for long, and minor scrapes and bruises are as nothing. Even death has a loose grip on you at best.

Core Stunts (3):
Bounce Back (page XX), Last Leg (page XX), Death Defiance (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Feel the Burn (page XX), Face the Pain (page XX), Developed Immunities (page XX). Also, see Iron-Clad (below).
10.10.2 Iron-Clad
Things just seem to hurt you a lot less than other people – as if your skin was made of brass or iron.

Core Stunts (3):
One Hit to the Body (page XX), Thick Skinned (page XX), Man of Iron (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Stunts from Can’t Be Killed (above) serve you well. You’re bound to take abuse, so Now You’ve Made Me Mad (page XX) is a great way to turn your pain into other’s pain. Also look into some Might and Resolve stunts.
10.10.3 Never Rests
You embody the principle that sleep is for the weak.

Core Stunts (3):
Tireless (page XX), Bounce Back (page XX), Last Leg (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Resolve and Athletics stunts complement this nicely, as well as the other Endurance packages (above).
10.11 Engineering
10.11.1 Gadgeteer
You make things. Lots and lots of things. Repair them too! Sometimes by hitting them.

Core Stunts (2):
Mister Fix-It (page XX), Thump of Restoration (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Multiple picks of Universal (page XX) or Personal (page XX) Gadget are a must; consider Grease Monkey (page XX) if you focus on vehicles.
10.11.2 Munitions Guy/Gal
If it hurts or kills someone, you understand it, and you’ve probably built one before.

Core Stunts (3):
Demolitions (page XX), Architect of Death (page XX), Universal Gadget (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Add in another Universal Gadget (page XX) or two to give yourself a bagful of deadly things.
10.12 Fists
10.12.1 Deadly Martial Artist
You have studied ancient techniques. Many of them involve killing people with your pinky.

Core Stunts (3):
Martial Arts (page XX), Lethal Weapon (page XX), Fist of Death (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Signature Strike (page XX), Brickbreaker (page XX), Flying Kick (page XX).
10.12.2 Fights Dirty
Kicking evil’s ass was never pretty. You put the ugly face on it.

Core Stunts (3):
Brawler (page XX), Dirty Fighter (page XX), Crippling Blow (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Signature Strike (page XX), Whatever’s on Hand (page 152).
10.12.3 Gentle Fighter
Your ways are embedded in history, respect, discipline… and a healthy dose of kung-fu. Attackers slide off you like water; your understanding of technique is supreme.

Core Stunts (3):
Martial Arts (page XX), Flow like Water (page XX), Bend like the Reed (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Demoralizing Stance (page XX), Brickbreaker (page XX), Flying Kick (page XX).
10.12.4 Scrappy Brawler
Ain’t nothin’ you can’t fix with your two mitts and a whole lotta swingin’! I’ll take on the whole lot of ya!

Core Stunts (3):
Brawler (page XX), Mix it Up (page XX), Army of One (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Whatever’s on Hand (page XX), Fists of Fury (page XX).
10.13 Gambling
10.13.1 Lucky Devil
Games of chance just seem to go your way, and you can never resist playing the odds.

Core Stunts (3):
Gambling Man (page XX), Double or Nothing (page 155), The Devil’s Own Luck (page XX).
Other Stunts:
See Professional Gambler, below.
10.13.2 Professional Gambler
Your lifestyle comes from your gambling. It’s a pleasure, sure – but it’s also your job.

Core Stunts (3):
Know When to Fold ’Em (page XX), Players’ Club (page XX), Winnings (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Never Bluff a Bluffer (page XX), Gambling Buddy (page XX). Consider the Resources skill and its stunts as well to represent a more stable income.
10.14 Guns
10.14.1 Gun Nut
You’re fascinated with guns; you’ve got a special one you made yourself, and you always have ammunition close at hand.

Core Stunts (3):
Gun-Crazy (page XX), Custom Firearm (page XX), Fast Reload (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Rain of Lead (page XX), One Shot Left (page XX), Shot on the Run may be essential (page XX).
10.14.2 Pistolero
With a gun in each hand, you’re ready to take on anyone in shootout.

Core Stunts (3):
Quick Draw (page XX), Lightning Hands (page XX), Two Gun Joe (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Snap Shot (page XX), Shot on the Run (page XX), Fast Reload (page XX), Rain of Lead (page XX).
10.14.3 Sniper
Guns aren’t something to use at a moment’s notice. Sure, that’ll do in a pinch, but where you really shine is when you slow down, take aim, and get your target dead to rights.

Core Stunts (3):
Long Shot (page XX), Stay on Target (page XX), Trick Shot (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Shot on the Run (page XX), Rain of Lead (page XX). Also consider Alertness and Stealth stunts as areas of focus.
10.15 Intimidation
10.15.1 Dead-Eyed Stare
Your gaze is so cold, so unsympathetic, that it drives the ice of fear into the hearts of lesser men.

Core Stunts (3):
Scary (page XX), Steely Gaze (page XX), Fearsome Gaze (page XX)
Other Stunts:
Quick Pick Stunt Packagesombine with Aura of Menace (page XX) and Aura of Fear (page XX) to get good crowd control and put yourself one stunt away from Master of Fear (page XX) – once the GM is ready to grant you a sixth stunt.
10.15.2 Never Cross Me
Just looking at you makes it clear: crossing you would be a very bad idea.

Core Stunts (2):
Unapproachable (page XX), The Promise of Pain (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Scary (page XX), and then either Aura of Menace (page XX) or Steely Gaze (page XX) would serve you well in case they didn’t get the message the first time. Subtle Menace (page XX) also helps remind people that you’re no one to tangle with.
10.15.3 Under Their Skin
You can scare people, sure, but you don’t always come straight at them. You get under their skin, exert a little subtlety in your control, and then tighten the noose with carefully chosen words.

Core Stunts (3):
Subtle Menace (page XX), The Serpent’s Tongue (page XX), Infuriate (page XX).
Other Stunts:
The Promise of Pain (page XX), Unapproachable (page XX).
10.16 Investigation
10.16.1 I Miss Nothing
You just don’t miss details, even the smallest ones, given the chance to look around.

Core Stunts (2):
Focused Sense (page XX), Impossible Detail (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Lip Reading (page XX), Quick Eye (page XX).
10.16.2 Private Eye
You’re a talented investigator, whether you work for the law or for other interests.

Core Stunts (2):
Scene of the Crime (page XX), Eye for Detail (page XX)
Other Stunts:
Quick Eye (page XX). If you take one Empathy stunt (such as Cold Read, page XX), you can also take Uncanny Hunch (page XX).
10.17 Leadership
10.17.1 International Attorney
You’ve got a line on the law, helping out with legal entanglements and other matters of red tape all over the world.

Core Stunts (2):
Legal Eagle (page XX), World Court (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Center of the Web (page XX), Instant Functionary (page 170). Best when combined with stunts from other skills. Consider the Rosetta Stone package from Academics (above), and anything under Contacting, Deceit, and Rapport.
10.17.2 Master/Mistress of Minions
This is a package generally reserved for bad guys, because bad guys have plenty of minions on hand.

Core Stunts (3):
Minions (page XX) taken twice, Reinforcements (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Lieutenant (page XX), which must also be taken twice; alternately, Personal Conspiracy (page XX).
10.17.3 Octopus’ Head
This is a package which can be used for bad guys, because bad guys run vast conspiratorial organizations. It could, conceivably, also be used to represent someone who’s the head of a more benign organization or business, or someone who’s very highly placed among the elite of the world.

Core Stunts (2):
Center of the Web (page XX), Ubiquity (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Funding (page XX), Personal Conspiracy (page XX). Also Lieutenant (page XX), which must be taken twice.
10.18 Might
10.18.1 Juggernaut
Your strength is how you press on towards your goals; once in motion, you can’t be stopped.

Core Stunts (3):
Herculean Strength (page XX), Piledriver (page XX), Unstoppable (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Unbound (page XX).
10.18.2 Wrestler
You know how to use your considerable strength in a fight.

Core Stunts (2):
Unbound (page XX) or Herculean Strength (page XX), and Wrestler (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Body Toss (page XX), Hammerlock (page XX).
10.19 Mysteries
10.19.1 Collector
You have a small and potentially dangerous cache of mysterious artifacts at your disposal, as a product of your research into things man was not meant to know. Handle with care!

Core Stunts (3):
Secrets of the Arcane (page XX), Personal Artifact (page 173), Rare Artifact (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Additional picks of Personal or Rare Artifact; maybe you even know how to alter their functions, as an Artificer (page XX).
10.19.2 Hypnotist
You’ve delved deep into the border-science of hypnotism, adept at unlocking secrets – and perhaps planting new ones – in the minds of others. Be careful with this power – at its full extent, the shadow of evil falls over you.

Core Stunts (3):
Mesmerist (page XX), Hypnotic Speech (page XX), Mind’s Shadow (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Enthrall (page XX) robs others of their freedom; tread lightly.
10.19.3 Mystic
A part of you lives a few hazy steps into the future; you catch glimpses of what is to come.

Core Stunts (2):
Fortuneteller (page XX), Palm Reader (page XX).
Other Stunts:
See Psychic Summoner, below; also, Herbal Remedies (page XX).
Psychic Summoner
You are tapped into the spirit world, and can hold séances to speak to the dead.

Core Stunts (3):
Psychic (page XX), Voices From Beyond (page XX), Words on the Wind (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Spirit Companion (page XX)
10.20 Pilot
10.20.1 Ace
You’ve flown planes in combat and lived to tell the tale – it helps that you’re among the best.

Core Stunts (3):
Flying Ace (page XX), Death From Above (page XX), Barnstormer (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Fly by Night (page XX), Walk Away From It (page XX).
10.20.2 Experimental Pilot
You fly the cutting edge in airplane technology, and you know how to make a crash landing and survive.

Core Stunts (3):
Personal Aircraft (page XX), Prototype Aircraft (page XX), Walk Away From It (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Barnstormer (page XX), Flawless Navigation (page XX), Plane Mechanic (page XX).
10.21 Rapport
10.21.1 Everybody’s Friend
You can own a room when you walk into it with your smile, grace, and winning demeanor. This gives you no small talent with the ladies, or gents, as suits you.

Core Stunts (3):
Best Foot Forward (page XX), Ladies’ Man/Popular Gal (page XX), Five Minute Friends (page XX).
Other Stunts:
International (page XX), Smooth Over (page XX), The Right Questions (page XX).
10.21.2 Mister Mouth
You’ve got the gift of gab – a whole lot of gab. You can talk anyone’s ear off about damn near anything, especially the stuff you know nothing about.

Core Stunts (2):
Blather (page XX), Smooth Over (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Best Foot Forward (page XX), The Right Questions (page 184), International (page XX).
10.22 Resolve
10.22.1 Cool as a Cucumber
Social and psychological warfare do nothing to you. Nothing can crack your calm regard of the situation, and when you make it clear what you mean to do, people listen.

Core Stunts (3):
Smooth Recovery (page XX), Aplomb (page XX), Iron Determination (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Mix with other Resolve packages to taste; serve cool.
10.22.2 Makes It Look Easy
Nothing perturbs you. If an air force of flying monkeys came knocking on your door, you’d crack a smile and invite them in for drinks; if your car just blew up in front of you, you’d flick a few specks of soot off your clothes and consider a taxi.

Core Stunts (3):
Smooth Recovery (page XX), Unflappable (page XX), Right Place Right Time (page XX).
Other Stunts:
One or both of Cool Customer (page XX) and Aplomb (page XX) for the total package; to truly subvert surprise, look to the Never Surprised package under Alertness.
10.22.3 Unyielding
You cannot be broken. You will never yield, no matter the manner of assault.

Core Stunts (4):
Inner Strength (page XX), Still Standing (page XX), Driven (page XX), Unyielding (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Consider Iron Determination (page XX) to show others that you mean it; choose Feel the Burn (page XX) from Endurance to match your body to your mind.
10.23 Resources
10.23.1 Fantastically Rich
Your wealth goes well beyond the rating of your Resource skill; you have investments all over the place and enough free cash floating around to buy some really outrageous things whenever you want.

Core Stunts (3):
Best That Money Can Buy (page XX), Long Term Investment (page XX), Money Is No Object (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Grease the Wheels (page XX), Money Talks (page XX).
10.23.2 King/Queen of the Castle
You’re rich, and you’ve sunk a lot your money over time into building an absolutely amazing home base – worthy of a King and then some.

Core Stunts (2):
Headquarters (page XX), Lair (page XX).
Other Stunts:
If you want it all, also take Stately Pleasure Dome (page 189). Consider a Home Away From Home (page XX), or bring a Trusted Employee (page XX) along on your adventures.
10.24 Science
10.24.1 Mad Scientist
You’ve delved into areas of the science that not even the 21st century has grasped. You’re a genius but, potentially, an unbalanced one; every week is another strange experiment.

Core Stunts (4):
Scientific Genius (page XX), Scientific Invention (page XX), Weird Science (page XX), Mad Science (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Either a Personal Gadget (page XX) or a Universal Gadget (page XX) is essential.
10.24.2 Medical Doctor
Your study of the sciences has focused in particular on healing the sick and caring for the wounded. In the typical game, you get a lot of work.

Core Stunts (2):
Doctor (page XX), Medic (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Surgeon (page XX), Forensic Medicine (page XX).
10.24.3 Science Hero/Heroine
While you don’t always push into the mad end of sciences, you have a firm grasp of the field, and translate your knowledge into action (and the occasional cool toy).

Core Stunts (3):
Scientific Genius (page XX), Scientific Invention (page 193), Theory in Practice (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Weird Science (page XX), Personal Gadget (page XX), Universal Gadget (page XX).
10.25 Sleight of Hand
10.25.1 Illusionist
You’re a practiced stage magician, capable of magic tricks anywhere from making a coin disappear, to appearing to levitate an elephant.

Core Stunts (3):
Legerdemain (page XX), Stage Magic (page XX), Master of Illusion (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Cool Hand (page XX), Sucker Punch (page XX), Juggler (page XX). As a complement to Juggler, consider the Catch stunt (page 204) from Weapons.
10.25.2 Pickpocket
Sure, picking pockets is pretty small-time, but you’d be amazed what people put in there.

Core Stunts (2):
Bump and Grab (page XX), Sucker Punch (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Cool Hand (page XX); combine with Burglary stunts for full-on larceny, or Deceit to round things out as a con man.
10.26 Stealth
10.26.1 Man/Woman of Shadows
The shadows are your home; you slide into them as a glass knife into water, invisible once submerged, able to strike without notice.

Core Stunts (5):
In Plain Sight (page XX), Master of Shadows (page XX), Quick Exit (page XX), Vanish (page XX), Shadowed Strike (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Should the GM ever allow you a sixth stunt, Deadly Shadows (page XX) is what you want.
10.26.2 Swift and Silent
With the smallest effort, you are never seen, and never heard.

Core Stunts (4):
In Plain Sight (page XX), Master of Shadows (page XX), Lightfoot (page XX), Like the Wind (page XX).
Other Stunts:
To bring others along – though it will slow you down – consider Hush (page XX). Quick Exit (page XX) is also good.
10.27 Survival
10.27.1 Cowboy/Cowgirl
Don’t matter much if you’re in the big city or in the country, you ain’t never far from your horse.

Core Stunts (2):
Hands Free (page XX), Hell Bent for Leather (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Breaking it In (page XX), Ride Anything (page XX). Animal Companion (page XX) for a worthy steed; consider some Guns stunts too.
10.27.2 Hunter
You know how to track something down – be it man or beast.

Core Stunts (2):
Due North (page XX), Tracker (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Combine with a few Alertness and Weapons or Guns stunts for the full package.
10.27.3 Jungle Prince
You were raised by animals, or have at least lived among them long enough to get along with them better than people.

Core Stunts (2):
Animal Friends (page XX), King of the Beasts (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Call of the Wild (page XX), Animal Companion (page XX). The latter may be taken multiple times. Consider Due North (page XX) or Tracker (page XX) as well.
10.28 Weapons
10.28.1 Combat Juggler
You know how to throw around knives, torches, and other exceedingly dangerous things. At some point it occurred to you that you could throw them at other people too.

Core Stunts (2):
Catch (page XX), and Juggler (page XX) from Sleight of Hand.
Other Stunts:
Ricochet (page XX) and Good Arm (page XX) to make the most of what you throw. Anything Goes (page XX) to make the most of the scenery.
10.28.2 Man/Woman from another Time
The further we move into the 20th century, the more you seem to be something of an anachronism: a man who solves the ills of the world with several feet of sharpened steel instead of a gun. But the old ways, and the mythic weapon you bear, still work in these modern times…

Core Stunts (2):
Close at Hand (page XX), Weapon of Destiny (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Good Arm (page XX), or the core stunts from the Skilled Fencer package (below). Endurance, Might, and Survival will also serve you well.
10.28.3 Skilled Fencer
You know your way around a rapier, and can do wonderful things with a saber. Your opponents don’t always agree afterwards, but what of it? You had fun.

Core Stunts (3):
Flawless Parry (page XX), Riposte (page XX), Turnabout (page XX).
Other Stunts:
Close at Hand (page XX), Weapon of Destiny (page XX) for your sword, Weapons of the World (page XX) for a wide assortment, or Anything Goes (page XX) to keep yourself well equipped in a bar brawl.

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